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Isaac Barter has performed live with these artists and more:

Vika and Linda

Vance Joy

Charm of Finches

The Waifs

Josh Cunningham and Felicity Urquhart

Mick Thomas

Sal Kimber And The Rolling Wheel

Coda Chroma

Jordie Lane and Clare Reynolds

Peter Combe

Kathleen Mary Lee

Oh Pep!

Guy Sebastian

The Maes

The Davidson Brothers

Liz Stringer



Ross Irwin


Rowena Wise And The Guys

One Up Two Down

Peter Sullivan Big Band

Julie Messenger

Elise Chan

Damian Howard

Chong Lim

Bob Mintzer

Mary Black

Julie Walter

Shandelle Cooke

Mount Saint Leonard

Luke Biscan

Marcia Howard

Cat Canteri


Rose Bygrave

David Jones

Will Guthrie

Hot Club Swing

Pippa Wilson

The Georgia Brooks Swingtet

Brett Garsed

The John Flanagan Trio

The Radio Rhythm Orchestra

The B# Big Band

Deline Briscoe

Anthony Lun

Wayne Jury

Kate Daley

The Bombadils

Jordie Lane

Gary Norman

Jessica Stuart

The New Nite Owls

Nicola Watson

Loni Rae Thomson

The End

Kissing Harriet

Georgie Quill

Tom Barton

Amarina Waters

Aisha Dee

Nathan Liow

Steve Sedergreen

Stephen Magnussen

Paul Rettke

Liam And Co

Peter Hooper

Tom Walker And The Sick Individuals

Matthew Colin

Nadira And Friends

Mount St Leonard

Giancarlo Mosca

Victoriana Gaye

Andy Pobjoy

Imogen Brough

Stephen Pianto

Jack Schepps

Buffalo Nickel

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